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Learn more about the Little by Little School Readiness Program and our mission to support emergent literacy skills in young children from communities lacking access to resources.

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Useful Program Information and Resources

Visit our FAQ section, our For Parents section, and the Little by Little Program blog to discover more about our program and how you can support us and the children that we serve.


For Parents

Additional Program Resources

Below are some comprehensive guides and resources for starting the Little by Little Program in your community or your local WIC center.


Little by Little Program Primer for Funders and Public Agencies

The Little by Little School Readiness Program Primer is a resource for individuals and organizations who are interested in learning about the program and understanding more about how to potentially bring the program to WIC centers in their community. This primer covers background information about the mission and history of the program, as well as program costs, theory of change, and the evidence base, demonstrating the impact of the program.


Little by Little Program Guidebook for WIC Agencies

The Little by Little School Readiness Program Guidebook is also a resource for WIC practitioners who are exploring whether and how to implement the program in their WIC centers. In addition to providing background information about the program, the guidebook also covers the steps involved in implementing the program at a WIC center, program funding estimates for WIC agencies, and suggested local sustainability strategies.

Start a Little by Little Program in Your Community

Visit our Start a Program page to learn more about how to bring the Little by Little Program to your community.

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